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Our history

Family of winegrowers from father to son for five generations in Wolxheim le Canal, we produce the full range of the seven grape varieties of Alsace, and authentic wines to which we bring the most attentive care. Our domain is certified high environmental value level 3 (HVE).

In France, High Environmental Value (HVE) is the highest of three levels of environmental certification for farms.

From the 1970s, Charles Dischler moved towards monoculture and chose the culture of the vine. In order to enlarge the wine estate, he gradually bought several plots across the vineyards of Wolxheim, Dahlenheim and Molsheim and joined the union of independent winegrowers.

His passion for his job, he transmitted it to his son André, current manager of the wine estate. In 2007, he was joined by his wife Nathalie, and to date, they operate 9.50 hectares of vines with a total of 18 plots, some of which are located in the place called Rothstein, the Carrières Royales, the Grand Cru Altenberg de Wolxheim .

Several terroirs make up our vineyard, each bringing its typicality to the 7 grape varieties grown with respect for the vine. (Sylvaner, Riesling, Pinot Auxerrois and Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer)

André and Nathalie Dischler practice a natural culture of the vine and favor prevention and weeding rather than treatment products.

One of our specialties, notably the Grand Cru Riesling, comes from the place called Altenberg in Wolxheim.

At the foot of the Horn rock, the Altenberg is at the very heart of the Wolxheim vineyard. About thirty remarkably exposed hectares benefit from an ideal microclimate, very dry, at an altitude of 200 to 250 meters.

We have been certified organic since 2022.

Work in the vineyards

Currently the works of the ground occupy our days. In organic farming, various tools are used to remove weeds below the row. Several. interventions are necessary at various times, loosen the soil, mounding to cover the base of the feet to smother the weeds, starting, passage of subsoiler, etc …

The hoeing stars, which are mainly known under the Kress brand, consist of a small metal star disc attached to a large rubber finger disc. The metal discs have curved fingers to rest in the ground and thus drive the large discs. These rubber fingers hug the base of the vines without damaging them. The vines are thus well cleaned. These tools are adjustable in inclination: a large angle makes it possible to work locally at greater depth, while a low angle will offer more surface work over a wider band. Allowing high working speeds, Kress stars are only effective on relatively dry soils, whose structure is weakened and weeds at an early stage.

Visit the cellar

We welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., it is best to let us know before your visit – Sunday by appointment – For a personalized visit, register on:

Cellar visits with tastings are free for individuals. We offer wine tastings accompanied by kougelhopf or local plate. The service is chargeable and varies between 6 and 16 euros depending on the formula chosen (between 3 and 5 Alsace wines to choose from in the range – only by reservation).

Allow between one and a half and two hours for a complete visit.

For groups we welcome you only by reservation, either by email at or at 06 80 24 57 32

Possibility of visiting the Wolxheim vineyard, with explanations of the different terroirs, the Grand Cru Altenberg de Wolxheim, the Royal Quarries, the work in the vineyard, and demonstration of machines (depending on the weather).

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Independent winemaker

The independent winegrower alone represents the entire wine industry. This man, who can be found at all stages of the vine and the wine, has a very complete profession and applies in all respects the charter of the independent winegrower.

The Vigneron Indépendant logo is the sign of a requirement, the emblem of an independent viticulture, rich in the diversity of terroirs, climates, know-how, men and women. For the consumer, the logo is the mark of an Independent Winegrower’s wine, “authentic wines and personalities”

In each French wine region, we cultivate the land, we produce our wine and we market it.

To mark our commitment and the quality of our work, we have signed the Independent Winegrower’s charter.

The Independent Winegrower:

* respects its terroir

* works his vineyard

* harvests his grapes

* vinifies and matures his wine

* develops his brandy

* bottles his production in his cellar

* markets its products

* is perfected in the respect of tradition

* welcomes, advises the tasting and takes pleasure in presenting the fruit of his work and his culture

As a sign of recognition, we affix the Vigneron Indépendant logo to our bottles. It is the emblem of our know-how and of our belonging to a family of responsible professionals who respect tradition.

Consumers who choose Vigneron Indépendant stamps are guaranteed to find a product that complies with our business charter.